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May 2021

           Along with our April 21st General Meeting and luncheon at the JBCC restaurant, comes the close of a very different season for the Jensen Beach Garden Club. A huge thank you to our Past Co-Presidents, Stephanie Kurkjian and Ann Cloutier, for weathering us through this very difficult storm of a pandemic; one that we hope can be seen in our rearview mirrors. It was Stephanie’s unrelenting force that pushed us ahead in a year that was plagued with injury, illness and sadly the passing of loved ones. Stephanie stepped up and stepped in when her buddy and Co-President Ann Cloutier was forced to take a small step back because of the pandemic restrictions and health issues. 

       Stephanie gathered the forces of her board members; 1st VP Sharon Pegurri, 2nd VP Johanna Lupo, Treasurer Linda Biagioni, Assistant Treasurer Dotty Brinkman, Parliamentarian Gail Rounds and our committee members; and kept them busy planning each forward move in unsure times. Together these people volunteered to pitch in and continued moving us onward via phone, email and Zoom meetings. Annie Ruffing and Dotty Tazzetta showed up to do and oversee biweekly gardening, sporting their masks and keeping count of fellow JBGC volunteers in our gardens at Hoke Library, Indian River Park, and the Log Cabin at Langford Park Senior Center. All those who volunteered are appreciated and thanked by a grateful and growing membership.

       And with our new season we welcome new Co-Presidents Faye Flack and Georgia Fowler. These women have been members of the garden club since first moving to the area. They are both very much involved in the betterment of the community. This year they are assisted some new and past board members; 1st Vice-President Sharon Pegurri, 2nd Vice-President Dina D'Angelico Elms, Treasurer Linda Biagioni, Corresponding Secretary Jan Rogan, Recording Secretary/Asst. Treasurer Carol Felix. I have heard some of the great programs and trips planned are sure to bring a fun, social and educationally rewarding 2021-2022 JBGC season ahead. We wish them every success in their service to our club. Please consider joining a committee to ensure that success.

       Well, here is to a fun and environmentally stimulating 2021-2022 season. Wishing you all a healthy and happy spring!

April 2021 Closing Meeting

Hello Fellow Garden Club Members

I hope you are enjoying this glorious weather we are having in south Florida. Perfect for gardening!

The last meeting of our 2020-2021 Garden Club season is scheduled for 11:00 on Wednesday, April 21st, and we are planning a luncheon at the Jensen Beach Golf Club (formerly Eagle Marsh Golf Club).  We will have the whole, large, dining room, and we are hoping you are ready to get out and socialize with your fellow Garden Club members.  The lunch menu includes a choice of entrees:  1) Pasta primavera with a side salad, cookie and coffee; or 2)  A garden salad with grilled chicken breast, cookie and coffee.  The cost for either entree is $16.50, which includes tax and tip.  Reservations and prepayment are required by April 15th for planning purposes.  Checks should be made payable to the Jensen Beach Garden Club, with your choice of entree noted on the memo line.  Please mail your payment to our Assistant Treasurer, Carol Felix, at 82 Aqua Ra Dr., Jensen Beach, FL  34957

Please arrive by 11:00 for socializing.  At 11:30, we will have a short business meeting, which will include the induction of our new officers, the annual President's Report, and information from our new Co-Presidents, Faye Flack and Georgia Fowler, on upcoming plans and ideas for our 2021-2022 season.  Lunch will be served at 12:00.

We are looking forward to seeing all of you on the 21st.  For everyone’s safety, masks will be required before and after eating. 


Stephanie Kurkjian,


We will have our February meeting via Zoom on February 17th.

Please check you email for the invitation and instructions.

January Newsletter

Greetings Fellow Gardeners!


I think everyone is looking forward to 2021 with hope and anticipation of being able to get together with family and friends sometime in the near future.  We have a lot to share with you this month, so please don’t be discouraged by the length of this Newsletter.

First of all, we would like to honor the passing of one of our long term members.  Mary Easley-Bradley made her transition from this world on December 22, 2021.  Mary was an active member of the Garden Club since 2002, and an active realtor in the area for over 30 years.  Her presence will be missed.  A charitable contribution will be made to SafeSpace in her memory.

We had a lovely day for the presentation of awards to Annie Ruffing as Outstanding Member and Dotty Tazzetta as recipient of the final Penny Pines Award.  We are grateful to both of them for their continued dedication to organizing the gardening committee and maintaining our 3 community gardens.


As an update on the Enjoyment Book...we have currently sold 71 books, resulting in a profit of $710 for our Garden Club.  Sales of the book will end on January 31st.  Please contact Pat Jones at 719/293-1898 or Dawn Blair at 772//692-2131 to get a copy before the sales end.


Our Treasurer, Linda Biagioni, reports that as of January 13, 2021 the Garden Club has a balance of $7,017.86 in our checking account and $6,769.95 in our savings account, for a net worth of $13,787.81.


The Martin County Fair is being held on February 12-20 at the fairgrounds in Stuart.  If you have a beautiful plant, flowers or craft you would like to share with others, this is your opportunity.  Please see their website at www.martincountyfair.com for more information and entry forms.


At our Executive Board meeting last Wednesday, the Board passed a motion to suspend membership dues for the upcoming 2021-2022 Garden Club season.  Since we have had to cancel our general meetings for this season due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Board felt our members hadn’t received much benefit from this season’s dues, and it should carry over to next season.  Anyone who is a current member will not pay dues for next season.


Also at the Board meeting, the Nominating Committee was formed to elect officers for next season.  The Bylaws require two members from the Executive Board and three members from the general membership.  The committee chairperson is Jan Rogan and the vice-chairperson is Gail Rounds.  If you would like to volunteer to be on the committee, please contact Jan at 772/807-0094 or Gail at 772/692-2706.  


As this season (2020-2021) is considered an odd year, the officers’ terms that are expiring are President, 2nd Vice President, Corresponding Secretary and Assistant Treasurer.  Jan Rogan, our current Corresponding Secretary, is the only officer seeking re-election.  If you have a desire to be on the Executive Board, please contact Jan or Gail.  If you would like information about any of the board positions, please refer to our current Bylaws for a description of the office, or feel free to contact the current officer.  As there are three board positions to be filled, we ask that each of you consider how you might participate on the Executive Board to keep our Garden Club active, and be open to discussion from a call by the Nominating Committee.  


In anticipation of our general meeting scheduled for Wednesday, February 17th, members of the Board have had several inquiries about holding either an outdoor meeting or a Zoom meeting.  Since several members still feel uncomfortable about meeting outside of the home, it was decided to have our February meeting via Zoom.  Many of you are already familiar with meeting on Zoom, and it is hoped that this will be a good opportunity to have some face-to-face contact with our members.  The Zoom meeting will be on our regularly scheduled meeting date (2/17) and open at 10:45 for social discussion, with the meeting  beginning at 11:00.  All members will receive a Zoom invitation a few days prior to the meeting date.  The meeting will consist of a business meeting, followed by a presentation by Gail Rounds, highlighting some of her favorite plants.  

And, last but not least, Gail Rounds has provided the following information about the colorful Blanket Flower:

Blanket Flower, aka Gaillardia: A plant for those HOT summer days

Gaillardia pulchella is a member of the Asteraceae family, with daisy-like petals surrounding a central cone. This bright, cheery, colorful plant, also known by the common names Blanket Flower or Indian Blanket, is a native to Florida. There are more than a dozen known species and can be found throughout Canada, United States, Mexico and most of South America.

The plant forms a mound; it has slightly hairy leaves and fuzzy stems, and is very drought tolerant.  Blanket Flower needs plenty of sun and good drainage. They’re not picky about soil but don’t tend to do well in heavy clay. They will thrive here in Florida and draw lots of butterflies to your yard.  The best time to plant Gaillardia here in Florida is in March. They are available in yellow, orange, red and bicolor and will bloom summer through fall. I still have a few blooms in my garden. These annual flowers will reseed themselves or you can propagate by division.

Can you find the Gaillardia pulchella?

On behalf of the Executive Board, we hope you all have a safe and enjoyable month, and we look forward to actually “seeing” you all at our Zoom meeting on February 17th.