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Hoke Library Monument

On September 18th Linda Elliott unveiled her mosaic art piece at Hoke Library, transforming an ugly and rust stained cement block into a thing of beauty and inspiration. If you have not had a chance to see it please stop by the Library. Many thanks to Linda and those who helped her in designing and creating this masterpiece.
It is named "Inspiration in Pieces" because of the vision Linda had to design it;
"I see life as a colorful and unique mosaic.  The world is all mosaic pieces of light, love, history and stars glued together with magic and wonder.  I incorporated all of these ideas into a library and garden theme thatpeople can enjoy when they visit the library and butterfly garden."  Linda Elliott

Plant of the Month

          The Jensen Beach Garden Club held their first meeting of the 2017-2018 season on October 18th at the Vincent Bocchino Community Center. At the meeting, Co-President Gail Rounds announced that in partnership with Hoke Library, the JBGC’s newest project is the “Plant of the Month”. At each month’s meeting, the club will present a native or Florida friendly plant to its members, describing its history with instructions on how to grow, propagate and maintain the plant.

          That plant will then be displayed in the library, exchanging it each month with a new “Plant of the Month”. Each month’s previous plant will then be planted at one of the local public gardens maintained by our club. This new project will help us to educate our members and introduce library visitors and the public to new plants each month while allowing us to improve and grow their gardens.

          October’s Plant of the Month is the Blue Flower Passion Vine (Passiflora Caerulea). The early Spanish explorers saw religious symbolism in the amazing flower of this vine. They named it the “Passion Flower” as it suggested to them the Passion of Christ.

          As classic butterfly attractors, passion vines make a wonderful addition to any butterfly garden.  The fast growing, profusely flowering vine, Passiflora has many native and Florida friendly varieties. There are over 400 varieties of the Passion Flower Vine and this Florida favorite comes in showy colors from purple, to blue, to red and all colors in between.  

          The native purple Passiflora incarnata is known locally as Maypop. This month’s featured plant, the blue-flowered P. Caerulea, while non-native, acts as a host plant to four varieties of caterpillars and butterflies, the Gulf Fritillary (Agraulis vanillae); the Zebra Longwing (Heliconius charitonius); Julia (Dryas iulia) and the Variegated Fritillary (Euptoieta claudia). The Passion Flower in any of its varieties will make a great addition to any butterfly garden.

          The careful placement with room to grow is important to its success.  It should be grown in a sunny spot over a trellis, fence, arbor or shrubs, with plenty of room to spread. It requires a light, well mulched, evenly moist soil. It has a proven hardiness in USDA Zones 6-9.  In cold weather climates, the plant will die back to the ground but recover in the spring. It is also drought tolerant. Propagation is done through seeds and cuttings.

          The public is encouraged to stop in at the Hoke Library, at 1150 NW Jack Williams Way in Jensen Beach to learn everything you ever wanted to know about these Florida plants and how they may fit into your garden. And while you’re there, be sure to visit the garden at the back of the library and you just may see one of our previous Plants of the Month and the many butterflies it attracts daily.

The 2017-2018 JBGC Yearbook is available online!
 Since it is the most readily available format, it can be viewed as a PDF file.
For security purposes the file is password protected. I sent an email with the
password to each member. If you need it again, or are having
a problem viewing it, please contact me at

I hope you find your 2017-2018 Jensen Beach Garden Club Yearbook useful.

Please click on the book icon above.

We received an email via our website from Jen, a mom whose 4th grade daughter, Zoe and
her best friend, Sadie, had been chosen two years earlier to attend Camp Wekiva as two of our
sponsored children. Zoe's mom, Jen inquired if there would be a spot open  for them this summer.
Because of our very successful fundraising this year, we were able to make this possible for additional
children like Zoe and Sadie. I'd like to share with you a lovely note we just received from Zoe.
This is why we do what we do!